imagine the possebilities / intel macs - blender?


i love those mac adds.

first intel macs are out. i just would like to know when blender will run on it nativly.


That page crashes both Firefox and IE for me. What’s on it?

just the new apple commercial talking about intel ships in new macs.

I’d like to watch it, but I’d be afraid that I’d kill someone for lying afterwords :wink:

I just asked on list, hopefully 2.41 ( less than a week) will have native builds for intel…


Heres to someone figuring out how to get windows on it at the same time !


2.41 is mostly a GameBlender release (work correctly again) with some bugfixes outside of that.


Not until I get one :P.

They look pretty good but I’m just looking forward to the Mini. A dual core 1.8 with Radeon X1600 128MB VRam below £500 would be awesome. I have a feeling they will be more expensive though.

I don’t like the name MacBook and why did Steve keep saying boom alll the time during the Keynote? Meh, I like the high-end Mac laptops. I use a powerbook for work and it’s pretty nice as it is but to get it 4-5 times faster for the same price is great. When I say great, I mean long overdue.

I’m surprised that Apple are still selling the powerpc and intels at roughly the same price. Lol, who’s going to buy a powerpc machine that is much slower than an Intel for the same amount of money?

I’d say an Intel version of Blender should be easy enough. Just a recompile will do and I would reckon somebody in Project Orange will get a Macbook soon enough to replace their powerbook. Actually, it doesn’t matter. I can build an Intel version just now on my PPC. You just select the Intel architecture option.

2.41 is mostly a GameBlender release (work correctly again) with some bugfixes outside of that.

… and the subdiv stretching fix?

yep subsurf subdiv, some scripts, pose api, and some other stuff.


Don’t like Intel, heard something about piracy protection that would slow down the Computer.

Well, the intel macs aren’t scheduled to be shipping until next month, so I doubt we’ll see a native Blender before then.

And besides, it’s open source, so why not just compile it yourself? it shouldn’t be a big deal.

imagine the possebilities

Really now, how does this change anything? Performance is better, but how on earth are the possibilities any different than they were a month ago?

edit (I’m just a huge Apple skeptic. I’ve been waiting almost 15 years for them to impress me, and I really doubt the big day is today. Sorry.

OS X’s kernel is pretty sloppy, and I’ll bet you that Blender on Linux, or even Windows will give you a better benchmark if you turned that MacBook intro a triple-boot. 2 cents. )


Making blender run on intel os x, might not be as trivial as a recompile.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some endian issues and whatnot that are specific to the os x port. It’ll need to be sorted.

Again, not really the biggest deal, but it’s a deveoper issue. An end user, even if they can compile stuff, can’t do this.

I’d like the explode modifier back to 2.41

I’d like the explode modifier back to 2.41



i kinda thought that ad was pretty poor.

the worst marketing IMO is that which attacks the opposition head on with insults. Apple can do much better than fight with the negative. the negative is what they are focusing on now. whats bad about the opposition, rather than saying what is good about them.

it will onyl attract the Mac zelots and frankly i am sick of fanboys, and extremists, we don’t need more extremists in this world.

the ad could quite easily have said “all the other people in the world have been using these things, now we have it” rather than “all the other people suck for using this tech but since we are using it its suddenly awsome”

i just think they are a sad sad company, no better than MS. i would buy OSX based on its quality, but i dislike Apple equally as i do MS. these ads just confirm their sadness.


a friend of mine tried the mac-intel OSX (the web has already an alpha version going around…)

well… 15 secs from boot to desktop… quite amazing, considering he tried it in a bulk pc with an alpha version. :o

They don’t. They say the technology has always been awesome but underutilised - which actually is the motivating point for anyone to stay with Macs at the mo. You buy a Mac for the apps that run on it that simply don’t have equivalents anywhere else (in the same price range at least). Otherwise you buy a Windows machine.

Very few mac users would buy them as a sort of “my benchmarks better than yours” exercise. It’s quite telling that Apple are emphasising the relative performance of things like FCP on these things, and it’s going to be curious to see just how well (or not so well) it turns out to perform on the Intel machines.

The thing which worries me is a lot of high end media software (like Ableton etc.) has a lot of Altivec optimised parts, and this is going to take a long time to get transferred to Intel Mac land, so the performance in real terms isn’t going to be anything like the leap they’re suggesting for some time.

well where software comes in, i don’t think the ad was talking anything about how its software is better. to me it sounded like a direct attack on everyone not using a Mac, does that make me want to move to them? no it doesn’t.

i use every piece of software i have ever used on a mac on my PC. (with exceptions to a few minor interchangable ones such as firefox-safari etc…)

i think its bollocks that Apple can claim anything more than a nicer looking GUI, and a better implimentation of things like vector based GUIs and printing.

for 99.5% of users, these are moot points. i bet even 99.5% of Mac users don’t use/ care about half these features.