Heres a quick, abstract image i made for a background.

I don’t really know what you tried to accomplish. It looks ok for a background.

Well, I don’t know what to say (as probably many others), because there isn’t too many to give crits at.

Ye wasnt much to crit just wanted to show it. Was a bit pointless i know :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it.
nicely done.
It doesn’t need to mean something :slight_smile:

Well it was going to mean something, but i couldnt be bothered and just called it finished. I will probably alter it and do what i was going to do at some point. But let me just say it wont be greatly original.

I like it. Like the glow effect too. A little shadow on the floor would be nice?

Well, to criticise it, I think you need to tell us what it is first. Is it a love ring or what?

If it’s a love ring, you could add some pictures or so of a pretty girl :slight_smile:

Or add some kind of message or poem?

Is that toon shaded or just reflections?


Not toon shaded, just using reflection and ramp shaders ill post a screen if u want but im sure i found the material on here or in a tutorial somewhere.

Yeah, I’m trying to imagine what it is and all I’m getting is the wax seal between the toilet and the floor… :stuck_out_tongue: (Since I’m not speaking, does this give me potty fingers?)

Nice pic though. It seems to me to be just floating there in space, disconnected from anything. Perhaps some soft shadows (using global illumination) or something to place it on a floor or something…

I like the lettering.