imort os

Please, someone tell me there’s an easy way to overcome this error when loading scripts with a Mac. I’ve been trying to type Terminal commands for the last hour trying to get this thing to work. The internet hasn’t helped any, Fink was way too over my head, and I can’t find any help with the search forums option here. Why is it so complicated to get these scripts to work? I have the latest Blender and Python running OSX 10.2.8.

In my sig is a limk to Akator’s site to a help page for Mac. I don’t know about mac so maybe PM him if you have hassles. Youngbatcat may also be able to help.


because you need to set your python path correctly?

at least, that is how it is in every other os

the os module doensn’t come with blender
[you could probably however recreate the often-used functionality pretty easy for your platform. I’d think that os.path.sep (just os.sep?) and some os.path functions are the major things used]

Thanks guys! …or girls, oranimals, whatever you may be! I was going crazy yesterday and was at my wit’s end.