Impact (Space Scene) :D (see latest post)

a concept i made today…to test a couple of grunge brushes i made :yes:


brushes look like they worked :smiley:
and it’s a nice logo as well. Iconic… it stands out from 99% of the logos you see on the net.

ive been experimenting with space scenes recently…any crits :smiley: ?


Hey LS!
This is truly skilled and magnific 2D work!
The space scene is jawdropping and the logotype gives a very professional but artistic feeling. Like you mean business :slight_smile:

The thing that takes some of the coolness away from the logo is the font. It looks a bit squashed and is not very interesting. I understand that you want a not so complex font but you dont have to take an ugly one, no?

One crit i have about the space scene is that the colourshiftings look a bit like motion blur, it would be better if the had a bit of could shape instead. I would have worked if there was something interesting at the end of it, instead of just the glare like a spaceship engine or something. But i like it with the glare but in that case the mortionblurriness is a turn-off ^^

Wow keep at it! You have a skill for this. You should link some of the PS goodies from your deviantart :smiley: .


made a little planet ^^
EDIT: oops missed ur crit juggs XD
ill experiment with different fonts…
the nebula original had shape but i tried it with motion blur, and it seemed to fit the pic more…though i think i could improve on the planet alot. thx juggs, pash and squigglyp :slight_smile:


oh yea. :cool:
comments and crits appreciated:




oH COooOOOLLllllLLL!!!
are you using photoshop?
you have to teach me some techniques!!

Yeah, what do you use? These are pretty darn cool.


hey thx :smiley:
yes, it is photoshop, im pretty sure you could substitute gimp for it too.
if u want to learn…i suggest you start here: