Impala 1967 Exterior only

I am very new to this forum but I have been tinkering with models in Blender for 5-6 years.
This is a model I have made of a Chevrolet Impala 1967. I apologize for the non-existing scenery around the car but I made this render while making the model ready for sale.

All modelling was done in Blender and I used Cycles.

This version is only the exterior. I have made the interior as well, but it needs some more work to be completely ready. I am happy for any constructive feedback I can get.


well done for a new guy!
The hood and fenders do not line up well, the slope of the curvature needs adjustment.
on the rear quarter the swoop of top and pillar could be less dramatic.
the roof needs smoothing and the roof line is more shallow.
but you captured the shape and essence well!
i recommend the cg masters tutorial master car modelling.
Tweaking this model will make it really stand out. well done!

Hi Rick,
Some of the things that you remarked on I already knew.
Somehow I needed to put a line in the sand in order to finish this project.
However, I do believe in doing things in iterations.
My plan is to make three versions of the car with different complexity.
One like this with only the exterior,
One with the exterior, interior and exhaust system et.c.
One with an engine and that you can open trunk and doors.

So I am fixing with the interior right now
and I am thinking of making another iteration of the bodywork of the car at the same time. So many thanks for your thoughts and ideas.
I probably will upload more pictures for you to critique the next time I have something.

Thanks for taking the time.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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Hi Again Rick,
You seem to be a guy who knows things.
I put my model of the Impala on cgtrader.
It was suspended after a couple weeks.
It says its becouse trademark/copyright reasons.
But I have seen a lot of cars models of
old muscle-cars such as Impalas,
I even put this in the description

“Legal Notice: The intellectual property depicted in this model,
including the brand “Chevrolet”, is not affiliated with or endorsed by
the original rights holders and must be used under editorial use restrictions.”

I have put a lot of work into this (even if there is details left to fix)
Or is it that they dont believe that I am the athour and that I have stolen it?
I have tons of in-progress files.

Sorry for the inconvience Rixtr I am just a bit tired and I am thinking of
giving up the “selling 3d” thing. Probably the wrong forum for this.

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nah keep at it, just change the name to 2 door coop sedan 4 or whatever.
should be ok .investigate a little see whats up.
yeah some people get away with it.probably a company that leases the rights or something similar.but you could always ask for specifics as to why cg trader did this.
best i can offer good luck.

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I don’t know, maybe. I need to think about that.
I might just direct my work towards stuff without any copyright hassle.

I made a lot of scripts and stuff in order to create images and wireframes for my model.
Since I have a background as a programmer I might just package that up in addon
and sell for 5 dollars. Most of the work would be creating some UI for the values that I hardcoded.
That way all work is not a total loss and it might help other people

Thanks anyway man

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