"Imperfect" (realistic) window reflections?

Wondering about methods to create more realistic window reflections (imperfect, of course) using materials… haven’t tried yet & I’m not familiar enough with materials yet.



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You can also add randomness in the mapping coords by object to avoid contiguous deformations


You can also modify the normal slightly by running UVs per window pane collapsed to a point through 2D noise. Even without bump, each pane will have a slightly different “orientation”. I have exaggerated the effect here for a single frame, I’d probably use 0.005 for the normal map node in a animation:

Don’t use White Noise as it produces gradients which will ruin it. Regular noise produce solid colors. Although noise doesn’t output the full range of colors like White Noise does, for this type of application it doesn’t matter.


Thanks all - looks like I have some homework to do :slight_smile: