Imperial Tie Fighter

What ya’ll think?

The ray are too big. Else, it’s quite good :slight_smile:

I reduced the thickness of the laser blasts. Your right, it does look better.

i think the lasers close to the camera should be solid but it really is nice.

To give a more solid feel to the halo object you used for lasers subdivide the line a bit more.

The Tie Fighter itself is quite good but the lasers need some work.

Try increasing the halo’s “Add” value and decreasing the “Hard” value.

New Lasers, which do u guys like better?

What kind of reference are you using? The wings need to be thinner, and the cockpit is waaaay too small.

Also, the lasers are much too yellow. Try using a white center instead.

All in all, though, not bad for a start! 8)

Could you please tell me what settings you used to get ther current lazer? XD I’m working on a project and my boss says my current glowing area around the laser is too thick

The ship looks great.

What kind of geometry are you using for the lasers? If you’re using a cylinder try using just a straight line subdivided several times. Then play with the halo settings until you’re happy. IMO the lasers look cartoonish, they should have fuzzier edges. Also, the lasers closest to the camera look better than the rest, the yellow/green proportions are better.

The laser settings are Halo - Size = .17, Hard = 73 Add = 1.0
Coloring Red = .199 , Green = .839 Blue = 0.

The lasers are straight lines that I subdivided about 8 times, I just jacked the sliders up and down for a while till I found a size I liked, and I think the lasers closest to the camera are distorted for some reason so you are seeing them more head on… Im not really sure how to make the lasers have funniers edges though, or make all the lasers looks the same without changing their settings independantly

I did it from memory.

Not bad, but could use some more details. Maybe add a little battle damage to the ship. Needs some better texturing. The background needs some work. Add some more stars and maybe a small nebula. Maybe add some lasers in the background to make it look like there is a big dogfight going on. A little motion blur would help to. And the lasers need help. Make them longer and a little less thick.

Sorry for all the crits, but I think if you work on this it could turn into a great pic. :wink:

OOOOOOO nebula, I’ve never done a nebula before, what would I do it with?

There is a very good tut out there, I just can’t remember where it is. Couldn’t find it in my Favorites. Try doing a search on how to make nebulas.