Imperial Units & Verts, Curves, etc.

When placing verts, drawing curves, etc. using Python how does one adhere to Imperial units? Even if I change the unit system to Imperial, it seems the verts/curve/etc. are being placed as if the units are None/Metric.

I assumed that if I changed to Imperial units and, for instance, defined a vert at (0, 1, 1) Python would actually place the vert at (0’, 1’, 1’), but that’s not the case.

I can get what I want by adjusting the Scale value, but this seems kind of counter-intuitive. Or is that just how Blender works?

I’m obviously new to Blender, so be gentle. Thanks. :cool:

OK, so let me ask this question another way in more simple terms:

Is there any way to define a vert at (0’, 1’, 1’) via Python without setting the scale factor to 0.3048?

All of the input in my Python script is in Imperial units. I would prefer not to have to change the scale factor or convert my input to metric.