Import camera from Maya or MAX

Hi friends. I have a some problem.

I’m trying to embed a blender in production and use Blender on a par with other software. But unable to import the camera from Maya or 3DMax.

First what i need - is the absolutely identical camera in Blender - the same as in Maya scene or Max scene, that need for obtained renderer Blender picture - in further compositions absolutely identicaly. Pixel-to-Pixel. No shifts. No scale differences.

But i have a not FBX import in Blender… Ok. I can’t find any Camera-Conversion utilities - because i have STATIC camera in this case.

What way i need to use for getting the same Camera with a same render-out result ?
This very important for my work…

Thanks for help…

If you can export to Collada from Maya or Max, Blender 2.5 will read that.

Nothing is absolutely identical. All you can do is get as best as possible. If your work is for a legal simulation, you may want to simply remain in Max or Maya.

If you already have Maya or Max, why do you want to use Blender?