Import DAE (from an FBX) into Blender with materials/textures

I’ve got a ton of FBX files for a game (Receiver) that I want to import into Blender for some movie-making. The materials are all in the FBX files, not separate. I’m converting the FBX files to DAE then importing into blender 2.6.3. There are no materials at all, just a mesh.

As far as I know, I can’t import these things into blender any other way (no FBX importer that works, and OBJ files have no materials either). There are no MTL files or anything, all the information is in that one FBX file. After I convert them from FBX to DAE in the Autodesk Converter (version 2013.2) i can view the DAE file in the Autodesk viewer, and the materials appear fine, so the problem appears to be outside of the converter. When I import the dae file into blender, there’s nothing.

I know I can manually redo everything, but that just isn’t possible for me for some of these. How do I import the materials?