Import export questions


Just another dumb newbee question here.

I have downloaded the latest Blender version 2.33a and am now exploring it.

I’ve been reading the forum here in general and have also done searches here for information to specific questions.

I’ve done searches here for info on import export issues. I’ve read how you can do certain work arounds to get around the limitations Blender seems to have with it’s limited import export capabilities eps and other very standard file types.

From what I’ve read one can use ttf file type to get eps or dxf vectors into Blender, haven’t tried that yet.

One I have tried is using Wings to import ai files into it then saving the file as a wings file.

I have downloaded the Wings import script from the link that has been posted here and installed it into my Blender scripts folder.

After updating my Blender script menu to show the wings import option, which it does show, I’ve attempted to import the wings file into Blender to no avail.

When I attempt to import the file I get the following error message, “Python script error, check console.”

I’m using Windows OS, 98 at home and xp at work. I get the same message in both.

By console I assume Blender is referring to the open DOS window that is always open when Blender is, never seen that before.

The message that is always present in the DOS window reads as follows,
‘import’ site failed; use -v traceback sys_init:warning - no sitedirs added from site module.

I assume this is telling me what the problem is.

My question is, was there something missing from the version of Blender I downloaded relating to import scripts?

As it stands now, I don’t seem to be able to import any file type.

Any help or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


for using all scripts available you’ll need a full python 2.3.3 installation. get it from

then you’ll need to properly set your python path - for that check out the python sections of these forums, everything you need to set up properly blender and python is there.



I’d recommend downloading a testing build from the forums at, or waiting for 2.34. In the next release (and in the testing builds leading up to it) many new scripts have been added, bundled with Blender, and integrated into the menus. There is an OBJ importer that works very well, and you can export OBJ from Wings quite easily.

That’s not correct - many scripts do not require a full Python installation, and most of the scripts bundled with Blender don’t.

Thanks a bunch Solmax and Broken for pointing me in the right direction.

I’ll try out both of your tips.

That’s not correct - many scripts do not require a full Python installation, and most of the scripts bundled with Blender don’t.[/quote]

oups, kinda late, but just to get me right: “using all scripts” includes those which DO require a full python installation. but of course you’re right, too.