Import External Linked Character Model + Armature (as if it was Appended)

(Jer Bot) #1

I have a rigged character in a Group (armature + geo), and I am starting to animate it.

Instead of animating directly in the rigged character file, I’m creating a separate scene/set file and am Linking in the Group of the rigged character.

So that I can animate the Bones of the Armature, while inside the scene/set file, I make a Proxy of the Armature from the Group of the Linked rigged character.

My question:
When my animation is considered "final*, I’d like to import the externally Linked Group so that I can share a single file that contains the rigged geo and animation, without having to be concerned about external dependencies.


(revolt_randy) #2

Should be able to just delete the linked group and then append in the group. You have to assign the action created for the linked group to the appended group.