Import FBX error?

I am trying to import an FBX file and I keep getting this error. I have the FBX import/export addon and I am unable to import?
Here is an example:

Any help would be great thanks :slight_smile:

FBX can be represented as either binary or ASCII data. Your file is the latter, but the Blender importer only supports the former…

So how would I go by getting it into my scene? What do I need to change? Thanks

Re-export that data as a binary FBX file. Sorry, but no other option comes to mind…

hello. With the new Blender 2.72, FBX importer got improved: FBX improvements: Import now supports armatures, shapekeys, animations, with shapekeys also being supported for export.

still, when importing fbx ASCII, Blender gets an error of ‘not supporting’. Any chance of resolving that?

some software only export ASCII FBX (like Sketchup), so there is nothing to do with it in order to import in blender.

there is a fbx importer that I think it could be used/implemented (provided by Autodesk! )

@ @IkariShinji:
all right, but maybe there other ways to do just that, i mean since binary is just fine, maybe ascii can be added too

I might be wrong, but Autodesk does have a FBX converter for download: Might that perhaps be able to convert FBX ASCII to FBX binary?