Import igs files?

Hello everyboby
i have a simple question, and i hope for an easy answer
it is possible to import an .igs file?
it seems not, but most of all the files i use are in igs. i tried to convert those files in obj or dxf but, when i try to open in blender, it is an incredible mess, with trim surfaces untrimmed, new nurbs and so on…
i’m sure there is a solution, help me pliz!:yes:
thanks in advance

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Which package is creating the IGES files? It may be able to output a better format for conversion or direct import into Blender.
IGES is pretty old and in engineering circles where it was mainly used has been replaced by STEP files, though Blender can’t handle them either :slight_smile:
Anyhoo, have a look at what the parent package can export to and we can see what format will be best for your needs.

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Hi ardee,
i usually use Catia V5. i tried different solution but no good results. i’m trying all the conversions but, when in blender, BOOOOMM!!!
p.s. i’m an engineer… ops! :wink:

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Catia should be able to export to the .stl format, Blender will import STL files perfectly. I import to Blender from Pro/E (I’m an Engineer too) using .stl or .slp

If you’re having problems with .stl import it could be down to 2 things:

  1. Export resolution, you really need to crank up those triangles if you’ve lots of fine detail like fillets etc. I don’t know how Catia handles this but in Pro/E I can change the export resolution.

  2. Scale. Perhaps the model is coming in scaled too large and therefore looks messed up (clipping issues). Just select all and scale and see if that helps.

If you still have difficulties send me a small model exported from Catia in .stl format and I’ll have a look. Or maybe I can import Catia to my seat of Pro/E.

Though reading your original message about untrimmed surfaces etc it sounds like you’re trying to export a poorly constructed model which is not “solid”.

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Jesus Christ! I am here because someone is using an ooga booga version of 3D modeling software that export this exact file type and I need to convert it into a useful type. I am commenting to a thread that was 13 years ago.


Try to download FreeCad and probably there is a chance to import IGS file to FreeCad and than export to DWG or OBJ. Good luck Sir.
PS. I checked and FreeCad is able to import IGS and IGES.