Import Image as Planes and the Alpha background

I am a complete beginner in blender so this might sound very trivial.

I am trying to make a Flappy Bird Clone and I am using the “Import Images as Planes” Method to create a Plane with the Bird as a texture. I then enable to use Alpha everywhere so it’s transparent (the inital png file is transparent too).

After that I export it as a OBJ File, and I am reading in the VAO’S from the obj file to render it onto a Display. However in the end it looks like this:

I thought enabling the Alpha will make it transparent, instead I got these black square with the texture on top. How can I remove the black square or make it transparent/invisible ?
I appreciate every help.

In the material settings ensure you have enabled Transparency.
Please always supply a demo blend file (with your texture packed in the blend file) for support questions as the screenshot supplied is insufficient

Good idea. Totally forgot I could do that.

This is the blend file I try to render onto the Display:FlappyBird.blend (512 KB)

In the material settings in the Transparency panel, set the Alpha slider to zero

did just that, however you can still see the black square.


FlappyBird.blend (512 KB)

What are you using for the background ? That is not included in the supplied blend file.

Supply a blend file that only one needs to press Render to get the exact finished render as you have

In the node editor just plug the alpha input from the flappy image into the alpha of the other node.

Without alpha plugged in…

With alpha plugged in…

@Richard Marklew
You don’t see the background because it has its own blend file. I am rendering it in Eclipse using OpenGL.

I did just that and it turned out like this:

Here is the blend file cause that is all I changed in the blend you posted and it worked fine on my end. See if you have the same issue with it. Also have you also tried reselecting the flappy bird image in the node cause it sometimes resets to a black image.

FlappyBird1.blend (629 KB)

I know it “works” inside Blender. The Image is transparent and you can put it in front of backgrounds etc. but when I render it in eclipse using OpenGL and with an Obj loader, I can still see the black box like it shows in my screenshot. The background you see is a seperate Display I create, it is not inside blender !

In the meanwhile I found a different method to do it correctly like I wanted. I used svg files and then Unwrapped the svg object using “Project from View” and then I put the texture on it which achieves the same as importing the image as a plane and making it transparent.

Thanks for the help though! Much appreciated.

you didnt select the material in the material node. make sure its the same.

shadeless may be something good to consider.

Yeah, sorry. I never used eclipse so not sure of how it handles materials outputs from blender. My apologies.