Import Images Has Lost Functionality (All Images In A Folder)

Hi All,

I was trying to import a folder of images today, using 2.65a. But I noticed that Import Image As Planes no longer has that feature.

Was there a reason why we lost this great time saving feature?

Is there another way to use the import script? In the past (2.62) you could simply check the the box to import all images in a folder.

Just a matter of selecting bunch in a folder. r54441

Ah, so it is broken in the 2.65a release which is r52859. 2.65 only imports a single image.

2.66 imports multiple images as planes, but depending on the scale they come in real small

@Craig Jones: While in file browser window hunting down image files, look at the bottom of T-panel. BUwhatever button makes them come in muuuch bigger.

Thanks eppo. Just past through the T-panel. It’s actually a really cool addition.