Import Krita to Blender 3D and automatic updates change Krita and Photoshop files

Comfortable import and reload
Maintain further development


You should probably provide some more information about what this plugin actually does. As it stands, I doubt anyone will pay $5 to find out. I also recommend adding [$] to your topic title to indicate this is paid content.

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thanks for the comment
I will do it

add Video

I think it meant that you should insert more info in this tread :wink:

a new version of 0.9.5 has been released (add Auto Reloaded)
the price was reduced, the project was partially financed

if the sales are sufficient in the plans to add a plugin for Krita
and adaptation for Blender 2.8

We still have no idea what it actually does. You should prepare your product launch better!

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You watched the video ?

No; you should provide more information and the video here. Without that, people have zero incentive to click and see it.

This looks promising. I use Krita a lot in my daily work.
A question from me:
Are you simply reading the mergedimage.png from the .kra file to make this work? Because that would be almost cheating.

If there’s more to this addon than just that, and you found a way to read the actual layer files inside the .kra, that would be amazing.
Because that would enable us to import even animation sequences directly from Krita into Blender. And I’d definitely pay money for that. So reading the individual layer files might be something you want to look into.

Given that the developers themselves came up with this file in Krita
with the maximum quality … hardly you can count this cheat
In the future, if everything goes well, I will continue to develop the plugin
but so far only so

PS: Sorry for my English

Add to BlenderMarket

Yes, I did a bit of research on the file format myself, and it seems practically impossible to read with anything but Krita. So, no Krita-to-Blender animation transfer ever. That’s too bad.
But at least the 2.8 grease pencil merge will be happening soon…

While there are no forces for further development
this plug-in has been invested a lot of effort
Everything will depend on sales

New version of the plugin importkrita_v099

Import Krita 4.02 to Blender 3D 2.79 and automatically update the changes

Also, automatic updates are supported by Photoshop (psd) and other graphic formats that are supported by Blender 3D

psd, png, jpeg, bmp and so on

Very convenient if you have two monitors

Check in Krita 4.1.1
All Work

Does it work with windows 7? Thanks

All work with Krita 4.1.1

Thanks ZiCViZ

Krita just had a new release. How soon will your addon be updated or will it work the way it is. Thanks ZiCViZ

I checked in Krita 4.1.3 everything works fine :slight_smile:

Advanced version here

Auto Reload Image for Blender 2.83 supported by Photoshop (psd) and other graphic formats that are supported by Blender 3D + Krita 4.2.9 file Import and auto reload