Import .OBJ to blender

I’m trying to import a large .OBJ file into blender (just under 2GB), seems to load forever… So I left it alone for the better part of 2 hrs. when I went back to check on it it was still the same, nothing on screen, mouse cursor showing the loading circle.

I was able to load it into Cinema4D, but that doesn’t help as I can’t export it into an FBX.

I’ve uploaded the map to my google drive account, See below;

Any help would be great, is there a max file size blender can handle? maybe an older blender version?

I’ve tried many different converting programs, they either can’t read the .obj, or they can’t export out.

On thing you could do is to split your scene in smaller parts. Importing obj`s that size takes for ever.
I know it will be a lot of work to seperate the scene into parts but it works much better when importing obj files into blender. (btw it realy makes sense to convert the scene or parts of it to fbx because it is much much faster to import than obj in my experience)
I had some cases when I tried to import fbx files… it can take 10 minutes for maybe 80 mb files. So in my opinion it makes sense to split the scene in smaller parts to load them into blender. Once you load them in and save the blend file you can easily load that blendfile with 2GB under 1 or two minutes.
rhino is a good software… maybe the best tool i know to convert files but cost some money. good luck :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: