import path in Blender

hello to all

i have tried several import path format ( ai / eps / svg ) and the curves imported in Blender were always destroy ( missing point, modified curve direction … )
Does someone knows how to do because it is very useful ( for example to include logos made with illustrator or inkscape in Blender 3d project )

Thanks for your help

I have the same pb, so small bump of this question (that was already on the 2nd page)
Because I’d like to know the answer too :slight_smile:

I used ai version 3 and it worked to a certain extent but there were missing points and curves were shaped wrongly. I just saved the illustrator file as a large PNG and loaded it as a textured plane and remodelled the curve with the points that Blender did correctly. I don’t think Blender vector support is all that good ATM.

I also noticed that Blender seems to add more points than necessary in certain places so I had to remodel them. The Blender script should really read where the exact points are in the vector file and copy them exactly.

Can you show examples ?

Use a “simple” model . For the moment : no layer, no group, no clone, and just a lone curve (if possible) . The scripts are currently improved .