Import posed figure from poser

Hi,surely this question has been already made but i can’t find a post about it so i ask it anyway:Is there a way to import a posed figure from poser without the need to rig it again in blender??I can’t make blender rigging work,while in poser is easier to apply a pose

Might want to describe what you are trying to do. I’ve see a few DAZ/Poser meshes that were in OBJ format, and I’ve imported them into blender, but there’s no armature.

If you are looking to just import a posed mesh, might be able to pose it in poser, then export in the OBJ format, then import in blender.

If you want to import the mesh, then be able to pose it in blender, you need to rig it in blender.

I duno about the FBX format, can poser export to FBX, and can blender import the FBX from poser? I doubt it, but blender’s FBX imported has been improved recently.


I think Poser can export a Collada file. Give that a try. I know there are a few tools available for poser to blender as well. You might want to visit and ask/search in their Poser forum.

Daz Studio can export an FBX in several different configurations but it will take some experimenting to get the results you want.

I am very interested in this topic too, when you say rig it again, could you explain what you mean? I am able to export the figure from Poser to Blender perfectly. But I have not tried anything else from just a still image. :o

I did some testing, and I did manage to get a bone rig into Blender from Poser, but not the figure it self. I don’t know how to connect the rig with a character in Blender

The short answer is no, there is not a way to link a Poser or Daz figure into blender. At least there is no way to do it that will keep all of the figures materials, rigging, morphs, etc. (You can get some but not all.)

Before I go into a huge explanation as to why, please explain what your main purpose for using a Poser/Daz figure is. I may be able to help with your situation. For example, I wanted to use Blenders rigging and animation tools because they are better and far more advanced then what is available in Poser or Daz.

I am not sure what you mean now, because no one is talking about linking. The question was if it possible to get a poser character into blender with the bones / rig or armature. Inside blender this bones can be constraint to the mesh or the model. There is no problem to get a poser figure into Blender with the materials, about the morphs, probably not. With DAE fileformat you can get both the rigging and the materials in. There is allways a question of methods, but there should be possible to get everything into Blender. Correct me if I am wrong, but the morphs is this thing with the dials in Daz / Poser right? I guess the pose is not the morphs

Sorry. I should have said import, not link. (And yes, morphs are the dials. Basically the same thing as shapekeys in Blender.)

That said, I did some tests and had some luck exporting with the dae (COLLATA) format.

The armature is often “disfigured”. By that I mean that the bones often have weird scales and rotations after importing the figure. Fortunately, it’s more of visual problem. (There did not seam to be a pattern. It was different for all three figures I tested.) Selecting the armature in edit mode, you can easily re-position and scale the bones and it will not affect the model in any way that I can see. If you have any scaling on your figure, the armature will default back to the original figures bone positions. Like above, this can be fixed in edit mode.

Also, the deformations are horrible. This is not a surprise to me. You’ll need to make some corrective shapekeys to fix that. You also lose all of the morphs (shapekeys for Blender users). In theory, you could export the model in OBJ format and use that as a basis to recreate new shapekeys for the figure. Honestly, I think it would be easier to just make them inside blender.

You’ll need to experiment with the different exporting options to figure out what does what.

The question is still, why? Why would you want to use a model from Poser or Daz in blender. What do you want to do that you cannot achieve in the models native program? Only by answering that question can you determine if it’s worth the hassle of importing that figure.

Good luck!

That is a very legitim question. There are for my part many reason for this. 1. I sucks at character modelling :slight_smile: 2. By taking poser and daz models inside Blender I can make cloths and other things for that specific figure like V6 f.ex
3. the texturing is allready made in thos program. 4. making a character animation inside Blender would require a lot of work. Make a character animation in Poser and Daz is very easy, and can be done in very short time.

If we turn the question in the oposite way, doing scenery inside blender is much more easy than those softwares, or at least give you much more control.

But yes as said you ask a very good question, that everyone should ask them self before start playing with this workflow.

Sorry, been away…

So as I see it, you want the character in blender to make clothing? But animation in poser/daz is eaiser, so it would be your animation tool. You’ll need to export the clothed model from blender to poser/daz. Why not just model the clothes and export into poser/daz? I would think more than one blender user has done this, so you might want to look in that direction. Might be less work this way than importing and exporting mesh & armatures in working condition.

For the second part, the scenery in blender, create the scenery in blender. Create the animation in poser/daz, and combine them. Render the character with a transparent background and overlay that image on the background image in blender’s compositor. Dunno how you would handle shadows cast by the character from poser/daz…