Import Project or Object into main project?


Is there a way to import a model, from one project to an other?

Specifically, I’ve built a table and chair in one project, composed of possibly 10 objects, and would like to move both table and chair into an other project, that also has quite a few objects in it.

Possibly, some help with understanding how to group the table and chair together as a “locked” group ( if that is the correct term ) might help?

The locked group, would guard against seperating the parts by mistake?

Please feel free to correct my word usage if it will help!



In file menu there is append. I haven´t used it much
so i don´t have much more of an answer. Propably
you want to get the two scenes into one by append
and in the process of it choose scene so it combines everything
in the scene that is opened and what is in the other scene.

Yes. Thank you. That’s a very good start and I’ve seen the menu.
However it appears that everything must be appended 1 item at a time.

Possibly this might do it for the appending … but I also need to find this out for with in the scene:
Is there a way to group the objects, locking them together, so that moving one object automatically moves all of the other objects in the group, as if they were one object?



If the object have all together 16 or less materials, you could
do this: select all of them and press ctrl and J so they are all joined
into one object.

Yes. Thank you. I am aware of that. But can they then be un joined at a later time?

As far as I can see joining meshes is a destructive edit, in that one can’t return to the previous un joined state?

Is this correct?



joining the objects, destructive edit? no. propably no.

in edit mode select all object which you have imported and go to edit mode, select all and press P(and select all loose part options from the menu) that separates all objects back to what those
were like before the ctrl+J.

Thank you!

I will do as you instruct. Much appreciated!