Import .svg files

Even though Blender supports Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) I can’t import such files, that I know there’s nothing wrong with them (I open them with other applications). What’s the problem? Is it something I have to do so I can use this option or it is a Blender’s problem?

“I can’t import such files” is not enough information.

If you use inkscape be sure to save as “pain svg” and not as “inkscape svg” and merge as many paths as possible.

So i guess this import option works fine, the problem is in my file. I try to import an svg export from the Grass GIS program. I’ll try to use inkscape for exporting my file, i see it’s open source so it’s fine for my work.

You have to understand that SVG is not really a set format while it has it’s fixed specifications. It´s derived from XML and just like HTML and CSS it’s under constant development by the W3C.

As it is a plaintext markup language file even if you don´t read the specifications you can just open the file and figure out how to import it anywhere. The problem is just like with webbrowsers which all show you something slightly different interpreting markup languages, that there are differences in all the importers and exporters.

There is a W3C validator for SVG just like there is for HTML and CSS, but pretty much every SVG returns as non valid, simply because various programs incorporate either their own stuff or the existing stuff slightly different.

In general it’s quite some gambling dealing with SVG :wink:

On a sidenote, this GRASS GIS looks intresting, I downloaded it and have to give it a try. I often need real world landscapes for clients’ imagefilms and they want a flyby of their factory of whatever :wink:

One does this first, the other does that firstm one easily imports complex curves, the other one has problems.

I have consistently good results importing from Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. I use Illustrator for all my curve creation. I noticed that the curves landed away from the center and then discovered that the upper left corner of the Illustrator page is the point that lands on the center of the Blender field.

Hi, John I am trying to get Illustrator paths int Blender but no luck. I save the path (filled with black) in illustrator as .svg format and then in Blender I select (Import > .svg) but there is nothing in my viewport. What am i doing wrong?

Using Blender 2.6.7

OK, I did it using Blender 2.49 but why doesn’t 2.6.7 have this capability yet? 2.49 had way better import options.