Import UV map layout?

So, I UV mapped a sword, rotated the UV unwrapping to make it vertical rather than horizontal and moved it around a little bit. I then went and textured it in GIMP, without thinking to save the .blend, and when I came back to apply the texture, Blender crashed. Can I import the UV map from before, or must I re-do the UV map and textures? I’d really appreciate not wasting all the time on that texture just to redo it. Thanks for any help

No. If by exporting you mean UVs -> Export UV layout, it doesn’t mean exporting the UV’s themselves, just an image presentation of them to show their placement in an image editor. Actual UV coordinates stay in Blender.

Well, that’s quite unfortunate, but expected. Thank you for your help!

By default blender does backup saving each working file in temp folder automatically and quite often (see UserPrefs File, Temp location), files like ‘897432.blend’
Sort them by time (if there is no folder set it will be your user’s temp folder probably - depends on your OS) and try to open couple of latest.
Chances are you will get file with UVs back.

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