Import vector files to blender from affinity designer

Good morning,

My name is Ismael from Portugal and I am a recent Blender user.

I’m developing a personal project and just started using Blender to help me with 2D animation.

I have been working with vectors for a couple of months (with Affinity Designer software) and I realized it is possible to import them into Blender if they are in .svg format. I have tried that in many different ways and it hasn’t been working for me. I import my files to Blender and they just don’t seem to appear. Maybe the fact that I don’t know much about Blender doesn’t help also.

On my web research I realized that there is an add-on that allows you to import files from Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .pdf) to Blender.

I’ve contacted the creator of this addon and he helped me with the steps to import vectorized images into Blender. It didn’t work.

When I try to import my vectorized artwork (which is divided in layers) into Blender, most of the layers don’t show up on screen. And I have tried importing it as SVG and also as a vector file. I even tried importing specific layers individually, tried to scale them but they just aren’t there, even when I move other layers position.

I really don’t know what else to do for I’m not an expert with these things and I really don’t have any experience with animation software. The only thing I would love to do was to be able to edit individually all the layers in my artwork with Blender so I could animate them.

Can anyone please help me with this?

I would appreciate it a lot.


Ismael Luzia

I don’t use the same software as you, but in Inkscape which is similar, I just draw up my file and export as SVG…it does do layers, and imports as separate curves, fill will work, as long as it is to be 2d and not converted to 3d…( separate vertices for the curve and the fill )…

In Blender, you just go to File > Import SVG and done…
They do import as there are no options, but a drawing on an A4 sheet will import with a scale on the curves as.1 so they are not visible on the screen hidden behind the cursor…If you see the Curves listed in the outliner…then in viewport hit the HOME key and it will zoom to the selected curves.

If you can share the SVG then I can take a look and see if there is something wrong.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I’ll attach my .svg file and I’ve uploaded the pictures in the topic.

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OK, it is obvious that it is not exporting all the textures…One thing you can try is to see if the software has a Pattern to Object or Object to pattern setting maybe in object settings…that will create an object out of all face-beard-eyes etc…the one thing SVG will not do is save the transparency data…

also…when imported …everything will be flat at Z=0 so you might have to move them up a bit to see tham and get rid of the mesh intersection .

Did you use pixel layers to create that shading? Looks like it. Those will not export correctly as SVG. I’ve opened your file in PhotoLine:

Notice all the missing parts. This is what Blender imports as well.

The SVG file format is not very dependable for complex artwork like this example. I would export all parts as high resolution bitmaps, and import those in Blender for rigging.

Or re-create your drawing in Grease Pencil directly in Blender.