Importance of Lod

Sorry, I thought this was the greatest, I don’t usually get over 10,000 polygons, This one I just made has 2,425,606 polygons, and with Lod it takes 12 seconds to load and runs at 60 fps which really surprised me, and showed me the importance of Lod

I did not realize that with Lod Blender could run that well.

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Fredstash (Sorry again I didn’t realize that this happened and I wanted people just starting to realize the importance of Lod)

Very interesting!
You should post this as a “solved” but that’s just my opinion

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You REALLY need to lower that poly count… In that scene, I’d say about 1 000 tris would be acceptable.

It’s not really the poly count that causes lag; it’s everything that goes with it: primarily draw call batching (sending multiple objects to the GPU to process) and secondly physics calculation on a high-poly object.

Also keep in mind that not all of those polies might be rendered. If they are not on the screen, they are not sent to the GPU to render because of occlusion culling (especially true with multiple objects).

But yeah… LoD is a massive overhaul in performance in a highly detailed environment.

Yeah I would generally use less faces than that, I was just testing to see how well the old system would take that large amount of poly’s.

Now we need stock armature LOD Bone level (for facial rigs and finger bones only up close)

Maybe assign a value in the pose mode?

LOD level?

I don’t think there’s that many polies on screen in this screenshot. The ground is fairly polygonal, and the character’s pretty low-poly. I"m going to guess that the poly count comes from objects present in the scene off-screen. If you have frustum culling enabled, then it’s probably not an issue. It’d be more efficient to load stuff in gradually on-demand, though.

I think that simply replacing the object and rig would be easier than replacing only the armature. The armature isn’t really causing the lag – it’s the manipulation to the mesh which lags. I am not sure if LoD works with parented objects, but if it does, then that’d work :slight_smile:

I meant that in general, that scene detail (judging from what is visible) should be less than 2,425,606 faces :stuck_out_tongue:

LOD swaps out meshes, so it does not effect Bones, I already wrote my own bone LOD with Geometricity, however it is not a simple matter, as the new armature needs to match the old armature so there is no poping when the change happens, I used property based animations for this, but a system that handled this automatically would be nice, if the bone LOD changes, any bone that is removed ,should then undeform over a few frames.

This way, A facial rig can very detailed, and hand rigs when close, otherwise those bones dont need to exist.