Important message to posters of this forum.

Cycles is NOT the only rendering engine in the world.

It is an amazing engine, but there exists others, and coders spend countless hours (hundreds upon hundreds of hours!) developing awesome stuff, sometimes free, sometimes for money, but regardless of that, they do it, and everyone is going to have to get comfortable with that fact.

/ Mini rant.

Tl ; Dr

Stop demanding that every developer working on an engine stops what they’re doing and works on Cycles.

It’s not the only renderer but the only one that matter!

LOL - Just kidding, hehe… I for one is really annoyed people are focusing so much on renderers at all, for me, being into stuff like this for so long, most of the time (looking back) it has been about getting crappy renders to look good in post using PS, AE, all that…

I see absolutely no point in developing multiple render engines that aim to do the same thing.
It’s better if all these brilliant minds join forces to make one awesome free render engine.

But that’s just my opinion.

+1 freemind

BI is good too :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say most of the longest, page eating, boring discussions here revolve around render engine A vs render engine B. But yeah, some people want to just do their own thing, and coding can be a creative outlet for some, nothing wrong with that.

Saying all coders should work on one engine is like saying all artists should work on one project :wink:

Saying all coders should work on one engine is like saying all artists should work on one project

If there are 5 people working on seperate GTA clones, and they are all lacking workforce, it’s better if they all just join on one project.

Perhaps, but most of these render engines don’t do the same thing. They each have different approaches that have different advantages and disadvantages depending on which sector of the overflowingly large computer graphics “industry” you’re addressing.

Of course it is better. For us. But who are we to judge how people spend their free time? We do not know what motivations these people have and what ever their reasons are, it’s up to them.

Since this is a Blender forum i can’t get your point. Cycles is the new promising baby, so…

Never re-invent the wheel.

Author Unknown.

Who’s point? Mine? About not judging people, hehe? You do as you like, me personally don’t judge people for reasons I don’t know. :wink:

Lol, no Farmfield, i can’t get Daniel8488’s point, i meant i don’t understand why concerning about new Blender renderer threads since we are in a Blender forum :slight_smile:

I’d like to make the case for the other side, not because I think one way or the other is better, but because I think that its arguments are underrepresented.

First off, rendering engines are definitely not wheels. There are a huge amount of design decisions to be made, and very few of them are clearly the “best decision”, so experimentation is important. Small projects are useful to find out what does and doesn’t work.

Second, contributing to an existing rendering engine (Or any open source program for that matter) isn’t actually that straightforward. The code you submit has to adhere to the lead developer’s Grand Design, and that doesn’t give you a lot of freedom.

Third, related to that, I think that before another really strong open source rendering engine pops up again, a lot of people will need to experiment and learn before the necessary development force even really exists.

LOL - I actually didn’t think you ment me but I was bored… :smiley:

Though, reading your response, I believe that Daniel was talking about other Blender renderers… To be honest I also feel that people are a bit stressed out regarding Cycles having a bit to go, it need to be faster, it needs to less noisy, people want motion blur a.s.o…

But I’m not sure more dev’s are automatically the solution, that’s kinda up to Brecht. If he feels he’s on track in regard to Mango, perhaps he doesn’t even want ‘help’ just now, being alone also has it’s advantages even though my guess is he’s working his @$$ off, which never is healthy…

But lets just wait and see. If & when Ton, Brecht or someone else on the dev team screams for help, be it cash or more dev’s, then we’ll see… :slight_smile:

@Farmfield Yeah i think so too, it seems he prefers working alone atm…we’ll see. I would be a bit stressed too if i had not an Nvidia card right now, regarding speed. Truly. But for now I really feel comfortable with Cycles.

Just complimented you AGAIN on the chair, hehe, but this time for the modelling - I forgot that before… But yeah, you seem to have gotten the hang of it, seeing the quality of the chair render. :smiley:

From what I see, I can indeed appreciate the work that people put into their own render engines, but I would note that they face some pretty stiff competition from well established commercial engines.

Honestly, I think a scenario where devs. come together to produce something awesome would have bigger results than everyone doing their own thing, I personally would want to see Cycles become a one-stop engine for all kinds of artistic work rather than having to switch between a number of different engines depending on what I want to render.

We’re in an age where working alone on a project will not give you the upper hand on the large developers, at least not in an easy sense. I understand the desire to make money off of your work rather than do everything for free, but I do think there’s other avenues for revenue that wouldn’t involve spending a lot on PR to try to draw users that currently use the software provided by the big boys.

I do think though, that it is possible that we might start to see a homogenization of the independent render engine developer scene sometime within the next decade, there are so many companies right now that it’s almost inevitable that we’ll see some buyouts including the larger ones seeking purchases of small developers.

that they face some pretty stiff competition from well established commercial engines.
Yes and no, the great thing about these small projects is the open communication with devs, and the ability to really pin down bugs thanks to the user’s ability to access the code in some way. Lets be honest, every render engine that is pretty well developed has really good eye candy in terms of renders. If a good artist, one with a good eye, really understands an engine, they can make impressive work. Not to take anything away from coders, it’s a hard job to make something that can be powerful yet flexible for a basically ADD user base :wink:

I do understand that developers would feel more proud of “their own” render engine than something they worked on alongside others but I too am getting annoyed here, there are just too many new pathtracers popping up these days and the irritating fact is that a LOT of them actually are the same thing with the very same goals.

No-one is saying that Chaos-group should stop working on Vray and jump on to Cycles (although that would be nice) since they are pretty much the same thing (they are not), it’s the hundreds of small render engines being developed and abandoned because the job is too huge that bothers me, if those hundreds of people joined together in smaller groups of ~50 people they could develop some truly amazing software instead of dead projects which will never see the light of day.