Important: Read

(bg3D) #1

Eliter Syndrome Disorder
Dangerous! Beware of ESD. You all are in danger.


(Eric) #2

Where can I get help??? PLEASE!!..just look at my eyes :o

(fullback) #3

I’m sure Kib will be thrilled his maledy now has a name! :smiley:

(bg3D) #4

Getting beaten by Bwarg! This sh*t is important, you know!!

(Goo) #5

Now if only Kib could creat a ESD Anonymous forum…


(bg3D) #6

hmmm… GOOD IDEA!
I’ll shoot it to Kibbles next time I talk to him.
I guess I should register #esdanonomys. :wink:

(Timothy) #7

Oh man I am so glad this has finally been brought to the attention of people. It’s a very serious issue. I myself have luckily been made immune from this disease by disabling flash and animations on my webbrowsers. (just in time).

(bg3D) #8

Kib, howd you do it?!
Refer me to your therapist, please.
/me goes to look at sweet flash animations

(Timonides) #9

I don’t know about ESD, but I am in danger and I could sure use some help…


(bg3D) #10

huh? :-? :wink: