Imported Model with Duplicate Mesh

So I’ve noticed that many times when I import a model, it will look normal at first but then I will find that there is another duplicate mesh underneath with the same topology.

This can make selecting objects confusing or tricky, so I usually delete the mesh that doesn’t have the texture. But I was also wondering, what are these duplicate meshes for? For context this is a model of Link’s trousers from Breath of the Wild.

Is it exactly the same or does it have slightly different scale?
Could it be something used for stylized shading like the Inverted Hull? (though looking at screenshots of the game I’m not sure that’s the case… however I have to wonder how they did that rim light effect :thinking:)

I don’t know what you mean by mesh that doesn’t have textures, cause I see both in your screenshot have textures, but one of them has the diffuse and the other has the normals map. I see that in the mesh where the diffuse map is applied the normals are not working, so I believe the copies keep separated maps that you should use in a single material and in a single mesh.

From what, in what format, can you show more of the setup or even a simple or part of a model to have a look? The question is: do you have a bad model supply, any bugs in the exporting app or any in the importer??
As @Calandro said: we can’t see what you are talking about with this images.

@StrayBillie Yes, from what I can tell it looks like the topology of both is the same and they have the same scale.

@Calandro Ah yes, that’s what I meant. I guess I’m just not sure why each mesh has a different map, rather than one having the same material with all of the maps.

@Okidoki I downloaded a zip from The Models Resource, and then extracted those files. After that I imported the main mesh into blender from a .dae file.

Here is the blender file where I imported the .dae (without moving the duplicate mesh).

Please remove your zip file from the Models Resource from your post, as it’s copyrighted Nintendo content and cannot be hosted on this site :slight_smile: I use that site myself, by the way, I’m a big fan of it, but it is very dangerous for this site (or any public facing site) to host copyrighted material

My bad! Edited it out

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no worries, thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm both model have 1021 vertices, one has the albedo and one the normal…so the model graber just grabed the model and even didn’t had a look into it?? …hmm they have different UVmaps so the grabber doesn’t know how to use two different UVs for alebdo and normal ???
So it’s no finished work (in such cases someone might be better of by grabbing the model on its own…?).