Imported .OBJ files invisable

I can’t see imported .OBJ objects, they are there but not visible in the viewport.

How do i fix this?

No blend file included in your post for checking !!!

Check the outliner to confirm object present
Check object is not very very very small
Check object is not very very very big
Check 3d viewport clipping to ensure object is not outside the clipping range

Also, check whether all layers with objects are visible.

sometimes Blender brings in .obj’s (or other files) and they are really really really tiny. Have you tried selecting all of your objects and then scaling up a lot? I do mean a lot… like 500 times or more?

If find this is often the case when I import .svg files

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

I’m new to this.

I found that the file is MASSIVE, if i hit Home on the Keyboard it zooms out incredibly far from the grid box, still can’t see it but if i move around a lot i get tiny glimpses of it, its so big its really difficult to keep track of it rescaling it, its really finicky vanishing in to a vast void as soon as i start scaling it, its impossible to do like that.

Is there any input fields where i can just say make X,Y and Z _ amount of meters and the position it in the centre of the grid box.

Right now its the size of the moon and located somewhere on pluto., it would take me hours delicately trying to scale it and then trying to find it again.

And whats with that? never seen anything like it.

either they are too large for the viewport or are too small. unity’s scale is different than blenders. try checking your outliner for sure. i had this problem a while back and wasn’t exporting my objects correctly. if you are using the unity object exporter try “export whole selection to single OBJ” and then import the obj file from the blender drop down. hope this helps

Actually ignore my first reply, i set the clipping to 999999999999999999 and there it was, i eventually manadged to get it scalled down enough to fin on to the grid.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m actually using CryEngine EaaS, its much faster to use its own Designer tool and then export .OBJ to Blender for modifiers.