Imported object/texture UV problem...

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I have a model created in another program. The model imports fine into Blender. The texture I created for the model also imports properly… but I can’t get it on to the object. I assume the problem is that my object has custom UVs, but the imported object was DXF, which, if I remember correctly, does not hold UV info. Normally I would use an OBJ, but as far as I can tell, Blender doesn’t support OBJ files. I there a solution for this?


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You are correct that dxf format does not hold UV info. If you imported a dxf, you will need to redo the UV’s, as far as I know.

What program did you export from, Max or ACAD?


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As to what program it was exported from, UVMapper.

(It was originally created in Wings3D, then I exported it to UVMapper to give it UV coords, then textured in ZBrush.)

I had not at first intended to use it in Blender, or I would’ve been more careful about how I textured it. :-?

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The answer:

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Thank you, Endi! I will try this immediatly. :slight_smile: