importing 2.49 files into 2.57


I’ve created quite a few models with 2.49b over the past year. Is there a way to convert them so they can be used in 2.57 or can you just use the file, append method?


What happens when you just open the blend file in 2.57

I would suggest that you make a copy of the original files into a new directory, then open, examine, and re-save the copies using the version of Blender you intend to use going forward. (I would do this each time you update Blender.)

Also: you might find that, in practice, you have to make quite a few changes to the models. Blender 2.4x didn’t know anything about “color management” whereas in 2.5x it is a welcome default. Blender 2.5x is also advancing both the user-interface, and the “best practices” for using Blender to accomplish different things. So, I think, you’re going to have to spend some time re-working your models in order to obtain the most satisfactory and time-efficient (in terms of your time …) results going forward.

If you don’t, well, how do I say it … “there are going to be speed-bumps in the road.” Clunk! Clunk! Every time, you can almost feel the new Blender “tryin’ its best to accommodate the old guy who’s still stuck in his old ways.” And, as Blender continues to evolve, that “generation gap” is only going to grow more intense. Hence, I suggest making a copy of the models (to maintain backward compatibility for as long as you still need to use 2.4x) and rework them as needed for the new system. (Flag the original files as “read-only” in your operating system so that you are less likely to accidentally corrupt them by saving on top of them.)

well for color there is a way in 2.5 to use the old color system of 2.49

now the problem area is the Animation system that’s not compatible with 2.5!

but should be able to upload any 2.49
i’v did that with 100’s of 2.49 where i most of them did not ahe any animation and it works fine!

happy 2.5

Thanks everyone!