Importing 3ds files.

Hi everyone,

As a new user of blender, i was wondering if i could import .3ds files into Blender. Is it possible? Will the .3ds model be respected at 100%?
I’ve made some search on the web and i’ve heard about a plugin which would permit importing .3ds files directy but not at 100%. The link to the plugin was missing. Does it really exist?
(I know it is possible to convert .3ds to .obj file but prefer working with .3ds directly)


See here for the problems posed by the proprietary nature of 3ds and also some possible solutions.


Thanks! :wink:
So importing 3ds files to blender is really a problem… :frowning:
Another problem now is that the links related in the post don’t seem to work. Is there another link where i can download those files?