importing a .blend mesh into a .blend game

I’ve made my player mesh in one .blend file. I’ve created another .blend file that will be my actual game, or at least a level. How do I import, if that’s the right term, my player mesh into this game.

I recall having a conversation about this. The person I was speaking to said you could either make a copy of the mesh into the .blend file or you could sort of link to it. It sounds like the latter would be the preferred option.

If it was me, I’d append the mesh into the level by using File -> Append or Link. I’ve never used the Link option, but append will bring the mesh into the game file.

Do you mean like in Yo Frankie where they had the characters, props, and levels seperate? or do you just want to have your player in each different level type of thing?

Definitely the Yo Frankie method.

When I try append or link, it says the file isn’t in a library, but I found a site that shows me how to put meshes in a library if that’s what I need to do.

Thats a great website. It should help you.

I created a group as the site instructed and I get the same problem that I got before when I tried to link. I get the error: “not a library”

Ah, I see. There is no need to add the model to a library at all. Instead I have to open the .blend file and find the model I want.