Importing and adding texture to OBJ file


What seems to be pretty much straight forward is not that forward to me. The subject is obj file. Upon import there is no texture showing on the object/. I tried to look on internet but there is hardly anything in regards to Blender 2.8 and above . If there is anything it’s quiet vague to be honest. Maybe I have problem understanding after all, don’t know to be honest. Would mind explaining to me how apply texture to obj file?


afaik you cannot import textures with a obj object, just material color information. This is in all 3d apps.
If the object has UV’s, adding the new material + textures should be fairly trivial, like in any untextured new object.


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Hmmm…then what’s is the point of asset sellers providing OBJ file of something like this : single object but quiet a few parts that need different texturing? To be honest it’s a bit of work isolating all different parts in the UV editor at least for my level of knowledge.



I have no idea how the textures look like, so cannot comment on the UV’s.

If it’s a mess, you will do have to do the work unfortunately.
Otherwise try to get a FBX next time, that format supports embedded textures/materials and hopefully makes it a bit easier.


oh… and don’t expect all objects on the web to be perfect. Even on commercial websites.
I’ve done my fair share of re-UV’ing on models I bought, even though the specs said ’ render ready’.

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There are wood and glass textures for a table only and then book textures. I will look into fbx because this option is also provided. Thanks RobWu :+1: :coffee:

By the way that’s how it looks:

I see.

Yeah, it’s always a bit of a balancing act, getting files made in other software & renderers,
In this case you need to swap the obj materials to Blender ones and re-apply the textures.
And for the glass you have to recreate something similar.

And looking at the texture file naming, it’s not a PBR metal setup. So you have to fiddle a bit here too.


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Too much hassle with OBJ to be honest. I just tested FBX way mroe easy. especially if naming is done neat and hassle free. Otherwise OBJ is not worth the hassle unless the hassle is desired :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that FBX is a closed format, and the one in Blender is a re-engineered one. So some version may cause issues still. FBX on open source is a bit of a mess…

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Fingers crossed. So speaking about assets blend. format is the way to go in blender then?

Well… Like in any 3d application, the native format is always the way to go within the app itself.
For sharing, FBX is ok, as is Alembic or other point based formats.

It depends on the software, and what is needed in a project.
You might cache out animation in something else than Blender files for easier handling.

But as long as you do the regular things in Blender, .blend files make the most sense :wink:

I would not have a problem but I found other ( native ) format assets superior in general. I wish blend. format assets would more wide spread in such retailers like cgmood and alike. Kinda looking for a comprise here with least time and effort loss :+1:

I don’t do animation at all stills only at the moment though.

There are some really nice and affordable assets stores for Blender, each with their own Asset manager/addon. BlenderKit, Polygoniq etc. are well known names. There are some others that I don’t remember atm…

If it’s stills you’re doing, you might want to have a look at those stores. It will make things a lot easier to set scenes up more quickly. Quality is often very good on all parts of the model.


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I never new about these ones, will definitely take a look into it. I do look for variety of assets for interior. For instance modern classic, traditional or modern French, art deco. Quiet specific to be honest. Would help me a lot if I could get some there.