Importing, and bodies, and head! Oh my!

I… I… Augh!!! Is there any way to do this? cough Preferably non-script but I’ll do it if I have to. I mean, if Blender can import other file types then how come it can’t import it’s own file?!? It seems like the people behind Blender would have come up with a simple copy and paste thing for inter-blender copying and pasting. Maybe I’m just a stupid, but I’m either missing something, I’m crazy, there simply is no way (wich would be just plain “UGH”), or there IS a way the ISN’T ACCESSIBLE! Sorry I’m ranting, but I’m just goin’ CRAZY!

The evolution of my face: :yes: :confused: :eek: :frowning: :mad:

See y’all

P.S. No I’m not “southern.” However, I do live near farms. Nothing like the smell of fresh manure on a hot windy summer day.

P.P.S Is this in the right forum?

Ha ha ha ha.

File->Append or Link

Select your blend file then select the components from within it that you want.
Hint - import from object folder rather than mesh folder once inside the blend file.