Importing CAD 3d model into blender

What’s up folks ???

Need some help here , please.
I really got frustrated because of this model as i’m trying to export an autocad 3d model into blender and used various formats such as DXF , OBJ , DWF , FBX and none has done the job even after using other softwares to convert it

This is link to the model :-

Please , if someone has a clue what’s wrong with this file or why is it not importing , I’d really appreciate your help.

If you want help, you might want to consider using another hosting service…

4shared is a spam infested mess, that either wants me to register (Yeah, sure…) or to download an ominous “.exe” file which immediately triggers a malware alert. Erm… No.

Didn’t really know about that
Ok , here’s another host

That file does not contain any geometry (surfaces, solids) - it’s a behemoth of almost 45000 single curves:

Blender’s DXF importer gets the file in, but it is hugely scaled and off center and the importer can not make complete sense out of it. And even if it could: Turning this into something renderable will be a gargantuan task…

That’s a useful hint , Thanks

But, When I imported that to 3ds max as .OBJ it gave me full solid building but only in 3ds max

Well, what can i do in CAD to make this design fully integrable with blender ???
Transform it into something for example ?

Well, if you had it in 3ds max like you wanted, why didn’t you export again from there into a format Blender can use? And btw, why does it have to be Blender, if you have max at your disposal?

I used max as a mediator already as you suggest but it never worked exporting in any format for blender and that’s why i said it got me frustrated
I don’t even know how you did import it as dxf and worked for you , it always returns me errors and shows only a point in the center.

It only has to be blender because it’s the one I studied far enough and i have no experience with max.

it always returns me errors and shows only a point in the center.
The imported object is very very large (look at its dimensions) so you need to increase the 3d view clip end distance and zoom out to see the whole view

This is DXF > 3ds max > OBJ > Blender:

Still not sure how usable that is - still far from being a complete building…

That was really a big help , you cleared some stuff for me .
Thanks alot !

At least now I know the model can be imported successfully in many ways .
well , i’ll just choose to best format result to import and start working from there .

Cheers :wink:

sketchup (free) upto ver 7 you could import dxf.then export to collada or obj(free obj export script)