importing dxf

(macherb) #1

Is there (in Linux!!!) a way to import files generated by terraform to blender? Terraform offers the possibility to export dxf-files. These files seem not to be readable by blender (2.23). Exists perhaps a Linux-tool to convert dxf to vrml or any other importable format?


(rwenzlaff) #2

What do you mean “can not load”? Complte failure, or just not right?

DXF import always ends up importing individual faces that need to have a Remove Doubles done on them…


(macherb) #3

If I open the generated dfx-file (1 600 000 lines) something is going on, but even 1 hour later its still not finished (750 MHz CPU). If I remove lines (a lot of), blender loads … and returns to the defaults screen without any comment.


(Zweistein) #4

Just klick on “file” and then “open”. Then choose the dxf file. Then it must work.

If not it s a terragen error.


(macherb) #5

It obviously does not/


There is no header and a lot of pointa defined. Is there somewhere a working example-dxf-file for download?


(Timonides) #6

I’ll try to help allthough I haven’t used terraform with Blender yet…

What version of terraform do you use???

I think that one of the most recent versions of terraform support .vrml export!!!

Just get the latest version install it, export to .vrml and then import it to blender as .vrml

Hope this helps…


(macherb) #7

Version 0.9.0, yes, it exports dxf and vrml1.
No, it does not accept vrml-files from terraform (error: not a blendfile). First trial: error in… recent call) ( is a dummy for several plugins as lsystem, ter2blend…[1]). Following trial: segfault->closing. Blender generated vrml1 files seem to be loaded crrectly. BTW: terraform exports *.vrml, blender imports *.wrl: Are these diffent types of vrml1?
Yes, it exports dxf-files, which seem to contain the simple mesh I generated.
No, it does not properly import the exported dxf-file (mesh, camera not imported, outline of the mesh imported as unconnected lines).


[1] They work now, there was propably a problem with the dummy
[2] I cannot find a button to save my settings (paths).

(VelikM) #8

Blender is very slow with .dxf files, VRML works, but I’ve only gotten VRML1 files to load, VRML2 gives error messages. If you have the option save the file as a VRML1 file, they load fast and you can add color.

(Santiago) #9

Although I thought I was encountering every possible problem in learning to use Blender, it appears that I am not. :wink:

I have had few, if any, problems with importing DXF. I hadn’t even noticed that it was slow, although I did notice everything was double sided. I’ve downloaded DXF images from 3D Cafe, and used them with no problems.

I’ve also downloaded Imagine objects, Lightwave objects, and 3DS object, converted them to DXF, and used them in Blender. The only problem I’ve noted is that the colors don’t always hold up under these conditions.