Importing FBX in Blender messes up material

I made this Model of a 9mm Bullet and exported it as an fbx. -file.
I made Textures and everything by myself and have everything ready and it looks good.
But when I want to import it to see how it looks the material is messed up.
The mesh, UV`s and Normals are all fine, I checked it. Even The Material in the Shader Editor is fine.
But still it looks different than the original.
When I look at the normal map, that has been imported with the fbx. it looks far more darker than the original. Maybe the import changes the bit-depth of the image. If anybody has an idea to solve it please tell me, I really need this done soon. Thanks.

Here is the second Picture of the two maps.

Soo, to anyone who`s interested, I could fix it.
The Normalmap that I made was set to 32 bit-float, I thought this was the right move, but it wasnt because the fbx.-format saves normal- and roughnessmap as Non color Data. So normally I had these maps as an srgb map and it looked fine, but when I turned it to non color data it went dark.
So for the next time I export Normal- and Roughnessmap without the 32 bit option.
Hopr it helps anyone.