Importing in a maya model is giving me problems

I know trying to import in maya rigs into Blender is a big hassle. Thing is, Im planning on animating the character in maya and then simply exporting the animation into blender for lighting. It wont be any rigs that are being imported. I export the character from maya as an OBJ and try to import it into blender as an OBJ.

The texture is gone. its just a black void. Does anyone know what I have to do to import this character in properly?

Thank you.

first: The .mtl file is ascii. Can you see any path to texture images in a text editor?
Any special obj importer? Which settings? How does the generated node setup look like?
Edit: just saw i another post: Are there any UVs inthe .obj-file ? (Also a text file, search for a linesomething like : vt 0.0 0.2 0.4 )

Hey thanks for the reply
Im not sure what ascii is and how to use it. I opened the rig in maya and exported it as an OBJ. I used the basic settings

(I wish i could post pictures of my settings but apparently new users cant post media in replies)

Then I opened up blender and file>import>wavefront(obj)

I understand that the textures are separate files that need to be assigned to the specific body part. I did not make the rig itself so im not sure of the exact process. I havent touched the texture nodes so it looks like this

Is there a way to bake the texture onto the OBJ so i dont have to retexture the whole character in blender?

Thanks again for the assistance.

eddit:looks like i can post at least one picture so thats something

Hi there,

OBJ and FBX might or might not include the textures. PBR images might work fine, procedurals not quite so, unless you bake it out. The simplest way (bypassing any packing issues) is to save the PBR image maps from Maya (or bake it out there I guess), then you can simply add them in Blender. The UV mapping should be recognized without any problems, as far as I experienced in the past, using baked textures created with other software.

ASCII is the code that tells you computer that the digital numbers stored in it’s memory are alphabetical characters, it’s a textfile. The textures should be assign it the obj-file the actual material is a an mtl-file (both are text files). The node you posted shows no textures assigned… that’s weird, because the should be at least a diffuse texture… and yes the texture images are not exported but just referenced in the mtl-file.

imho, you’re going the wrong way with this…

  1. Animate the character inside Maya
  2. Export as Alembic ( or maybe a FBX) for the animated mesh only. Loose the rig.
  3. Import the Alembic (or FBX) file(s) into Blender. See if all animation is there.
  4. Create a new material for the character so it works in Blender
  5. Light and render

Any other way is just a pain in the behind. Especially with animated characters.
It is really, really hard to come up with a method for moving rigging data back and forth. Especially with the odd way Blender deals with rigs.

And when dealing with just the mesh data/animation, its very simple to swap it out for a new version.

hope it helps,