Importing in Blender

I want to get some sketches of a character I’ve been drawing into Blender. I have them on my computer, but Blender doesn’t like the format. I’m using jpegs, but it’s not letting me get them in.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

Are you trying to bring them in as background images, or texture maps? JPEG has never been a problem for me, and I work on both Mac and Windows platforms… what computer are you using? How are you compressing the JPEG? It could be a problem in the header compression of the actual image (I have had problems in the past where Blender wouldn’t let me import an image, but it was usually because the image format was corrupt, some how), and Blender isn’t reaing it as real JPEG.

I’m trying to bring them in as reference sketches, I’m using a 2 year old compaq, and a brand new dell, I don’t think I’m compressing them :s

Are you loading them as background image? If you are, they are visible only on the Top, front and side views (Numkey 1, 7 and 3). Rotate the view even slightly and they vanish. I really don’t like this feature myself.
Or do you get an error message when loading them?

I get an error message when trying to import. Says ‘Blender cannot read this type of file’ :s