Importing More Than A Basic Obj Does Not Automatically Import The Textures

I’ve attempted opening 10+ OBJ files in blender. Only a fraction seem to open, and it seems to be those with no texture folders. For the one with texture folders, the textures aren’t found anywhere in blender. I google searched the issue for several hours to no avail. I am trying to get the following OBJ to load in blender:

Could someone see whether the model works for you? If you have to do something to get the model to work, could you please let me know? I’m thinking that maybe there’s just a procedure for getting the files to point to the textures.

There is no MTL file supplied in the download, therefore Blender can’t “know” about the material definitions…

You will have to assign that diffuse map manually. How this is done depends on the render engine you intend to use - a detail you unfortunately did not inform us about.