Importing Nodes

Is there any way to import composite nodes from one .blend to another?

I have just learned to use them well, and would like to apply some of the effects to my previous works, but don’t want to copy node by node into each .blend file.

I have searched the forum, and found nothing on the subject.

Thanks for any help.

Maybe making them in a one group in old file and append with Shift+F1. Then that group shloud be in add menu in node editor. But a better way might exist.

Myn.pheos is right, that is the best way to do it. Make it a group, and name the group something specific, then you can append from the file into the new project. I saw a really cool collection of node groups from ED where they had included a bunch of the glow effects and blurs. Cool stuff.
Anyway, to add to that, I would suggest appending these groups into a new file, then naming it something like “Library.blend” and then you could add to that blend the groups you make later, and append them back into projects from there.

Best part is that if you want, you can use the blend to hold your materials on object, etc. as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’ll try that a bit later, and let you know how I get on… that helps a lot - I hadn’t thought about doing it with groups.

Thanks for your answers :smiley:

Edit: tried it and it worked for me, thanks again :slight_smile: