Importing+parenting (info needed)

Hi, I’m working on an animated human face for my final degree project. I’ve managed to solve almost all problems I found thanks to this forum.

Now I’ve got a .exe file that moves my face with an armature following some keyboard pressing. (the results are not quite optimal but I’m working with a very decimated scanned face that has few mesh vertices.The final version will have more points that hope will make more realistic movement).

The thing is I’ve got to start from a vrml file (the scanned face),that I parent to an armature and make the moves. What I would like to do is to have a reference mesh with all that moves and then be able to replace the mesh with another one (like loading a new human face) but keeping the armature moves and the vertice group parenting for the new loaded one. If the new loaded face has its vertices misplaced from the reference one, then the script should parent them in terms of proximity with the reference ones.

Don’t know if there’s any script similar in any way for what I’ve described or if it’s just a crazy thing what I’m trying to do. Need some advise and links to similar (if there are any) scripts or information. Any help will be wellcomed.

Many thanks and sorry for the post length.

there are no scripts that do this, why would you need to import the vrml file more than once? [and then fix all the deformation and detail issues]

Maybe I haven’t explained myself, sorry.
We have a 3D scanner so we’ve got different human faces. The aim is to have an aplication that opens each vrml file (each face) and lets the user move it and simulate human gesticulating. So I would like to have a basic model (I’m using an armature to simulate muscle movement following the “Waters” model.It is supposed to make universal basic human face movements no matter what the human face is). Human faces have lots of differences but the basics are there. So the goal is to “load” different scanned faces but with a single muscle structure and animate them.

Hope it’s now clear. Many thanks for reading.

I’ve uploaded an overview of what I’m triyng to do to “works in progress” section.

Any suggestions will be wellcomed. Thank to all.


you might want to ask on in channel #blendercoders another suggestion is to ask on bf-python

Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier - if you don’t get an answer sometimes it is a good idea to bump or to try other venues.


Sounds like you need to play with the vertex grouping methods found in NMesh. These should allow you to parent vertices and create groups with weighting.