importing problems

Hi to all Friends here.

I am new at Blender and i use 2.49b version of blender.

1st problem : When i import a 3ds object that i have saved from studio max the object doesnt appear as a solid …

example : i have a car model… and when i import it in Blender the wheels are in diferent place… and axial , the same and with the hood

can i do something to fix that ?

example picture of Blender

2nd problem : I find a temp solution to the above problem by importing my models in .obj type (Wavefront) . But in some models when i try to import them… at the end the blender do nothing… behaves like importing them normal… but don’t appears anything … (i dont get any warning / fault message )

what can i do to fix this problems? what i am doing wrong?

thanks in advance

Before export
Max - reset xform? which should be equivalent to Blender’s - apply scale and rotation.

There are just bugs in the Blender import section, you have found them. You can report the bugs, but nothing will be done. I have reported many such import bug and have got nothing but flack or “it works fine for me”.

OBJ is a good format to use and I also use LWO. Recently when I end up with a broken model, like you have pictured, I will import it into Poser Pro and the re-export it as LWO. That fixes most things for me. But you may not have Poser.

If you import and it seems to work, but you don’t see anything in the scene it might be that the objects are scaled out of bounds or placed too far from the centre to appear in the viewport. Check the outliner-window if you find the stuff in the scene. If so, try the following:

  1. select one item
  2. press n and check on the coordinates and bounds
  3. select all and press s for scaling, and hope something might appear when you scale down.

If that don’t work, try scaling the models down in max, applying the change like waternz suggested and emport/import it again.

thanks my friend…
i try it but with no any result… still the model imported like in the picture in blender…

what about .obj ? why cant see the imported model in blender? anyone about this??

oupsss i post it before i see the other replies… thanks both of you…
i will try your suggestions and hope have a result

ok i solve this problem with atom’s suggestion…
i used Poser Pro to re-save my models and the Blender could open them this time
thanks all of you