Importing Static Mesh From Unreal Engine (*.pskx)

If this is your first .psk/.pskx import. ZOOM OUT the mesh is large

So i’ve been looking a long time for a way to import unreal static mesh (.pskx) and out of all my searches i couldn’t find anything. i did come across a site that said that (.psk) and (.pskx) were almost the same thing, so i took a (.psk) importer that i had and changed it up a bit. It works on importing (.pskx), all i have tried are bioshock static models because that’s what i had.

Wiki to the original (.psk) importer :

Link to the edited (.pskx) code :
Quick Download:

All credits go to the original authors of the (.psk) code: Darknet/Optimus_P-Fat/Active_Trash/Sinsoft/flufy3d

All i did was edit the code.

Bug Fixes
-can’t import more than one without deleting the Armature
-Can’t import .psk/.psa files while using this

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