Importing .STL into Blend

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to use a solid works model by importing it in Blender by the following method mentioned
The issue we are facing is we are loosing out on the colors given in Solid Works when imported in Blender. Experts here can you please give a solution.

Thanks in Advance.


It’s possible that Solidwork’s exporter and Blender’s importer aren’t 100% compatible. You could try the wrl.-format which Blender supports. There’s also a currently experimental dxf-importer which can be enabled from the Preference menu. Good luck!

Thanks Daccy. We already tried wrl but its not importing. I will check with the dxf-importer and get back to you

In case it doesn’t work, the following thread might help:

I’ve used Solidworks from time to time and I find it quite remarkable that it doesn’t have a native support for OBJ.