Importing textures from Blender to a mesh in Photoshop CS5

Hi, everyone, glad to be a member of the forum, finally!

I’ve been creating a Viper Mark VII from Battlestar Galactica in Blender. I’ve gotten the mesh finished to my satisfaction, so it’s texturing time. This is the first time I’ve worked with Blender 2.5+ doing this sort of thing. My normal texturing process back in the 2.4 days would generally work like this:

  1. Bake ambient occlusion map in Blender
  2. Import mesh and AO map into Photoshop CS5 Extended, use AO map as a guide for further texturing.

This time around I ran into a snag. I finished the UV unwrapping stage (this is something I’m fairly new to, I never bothered with it in Blender 2.4), baked the ambient occlusion, and imported it into Photoshop. However, as you can see from the pictures I’ve included, the texture has somehow gotten offset or stretched or something. It’s not lining up like it should.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this could be happening? Help would be very much appreciated!

Well since you’ve mentioned that you’re new to blender 2.6’s UV unwrapping, you might want to check the Blender wiki and look for the following section and skim through it too see what is different:

Doc:2.6/Manual/Textures/Mapping/UV/Unwrapping (I can’t post hyperlinks yet)

Also, did you mark seams in your UV map?