Importing textures

Hello, I’m new.

3 questions:

1 - I have 3ds files with seaparate graphics. How do I import the graphics and put them on the main 3ds?

2 - Is there a tutorial that shows how to import 3ds and add the included textures?

3 - Sometimes when I import a 3ds nothing imports, it just goes back to a blank layout…why is that?


One way is to export from 3DS to an obj file. Import into Blender using the Import->Wavefront (obj) option. Then assign a material with a UV texture. In the texture, choose an image type and load it.

I’m really new and dimly lit.

1 - Import 3ds

2 - Export as obj

3 - How do i assign a material?

4 - Once loaded how do i place the texture on the obj? It wont automatically just go where it’s supposed to will it?



I did what you said. For one thing there are many export and import options available. I just went with the presets…is that correct?

I’m looking everywhere for a tutorial on how to assign a material…i can’t find one.

Do i need to convert the jpgs to another format?

If somebody could help me out i’d surely appreciate it.

Ok, i have the jpg images in the uv editor. Now what do i do?


Well, when i imported the obj only 5 of the 12 textures imported with it.

How do i get the other 7 images included?


3D computer graphics are graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data. That is deposit in the computer for the purposes of the stage calculations and representation 2D images.

Yeah great answer…your signature links look beautiful.

How about a little help folks?

Could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to accomplish this?

1 - Upon export as obj do i keep the default settings or should i change some of the option selections? Same question about import of the obj.

2 - How do i import the other 7 images into the uv editor?

3 - .mtl file…what is it and what do i do with it?

4 - Once i have all 12 images in the uv editor, how do i attach them to the main 3ds?

5 - When the images are attached to the 3ds will they sync with animation or do i need to do something else?

Thank you very very much!