Importing Vector

So im looking to start using Blender commercially. I’m about half way through noob 2 pro and feel i have a decent grasp on blender, but im having a lot of trouble with 1 aspect i need to get nailed down before i can go into production: importing vector illustrations.
I use Corel Draw X4 to make technical illustrations. These are scaled architecural type drawings. What i need to be able to do is import the finished techinical drawing into Blender so i dont have to retrace with bezier curves.
So far i have tried all the file>import>paths options and the straight DXF import. All of which were exported from Draw. I seem to be able to import basic shapes, like squares and such, but nothing as complex as a building. If i try a straigh DXF import nothing happens. Its as though i didnt even click import. If i try any of the paths options i get an error that says blank file.
Any thoughts or workarounds?


did you try converting your DXF files to SVG and then import them into blender ? I also have misc problems with DXF import. I didn’t find any decent DXF export scripts.

The same problem with export. Blender’s dxf script can export only polygonal data (cannot export curves to DXF file). I found a script that can export Bezier curves from blender to SVG format. But I don’t like how it works.

If problems with dxf-importer script, then please report it to

Blender has no dxf-exporter script till now, only a build-in routine (quite limited).

Is this:
or have you found something others