Importing .vrml problems unsolved

Hi everyone. It’s a while since my last visit but I’ve been doing my final exams.

If anyone remembers, I’m doing an animated human face using armature-based deformations. I’m working with a 3d scanned face saved as a .vrml file. As it’s vrml 2, I have to import it with blender publisher and then save it as .blend file. Recently they gave me a new model and I have to start working with it so I’m trying to do it as good as I can, that’s why I’m asking this:

The thing is that when I import the file in B. publisher it opens it very far from the axis center. I can press ‘.’ to center the view on the object but the object center is separated from the object.
When I then add the armature and I recalculate axis before parenting “ctrl-a” “ctrl-n” the object rotates and I have to reorient the armature.
If I grab the object to have its center in the middle, it’s hard to maintain it well oriented.
How can I solve this?

I have other questions but I prefer solving them one by one. Many thanks.

Use Center New in F9, Mesh tab to move the Object center to the center of the Mesh.